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GPC 2020

The General Purposes Committee meetings are open to the public. The agenda for the meeting is posted on the notice boards situated next to the Coop and at Littlefields Road. Each meeting includes a public participation section where residents can, at the Chairman’s discretion, address the Committee. Agendas are available to view when published and minutes are also available when ratified by Council at the next meeting.

Agenda 15 January File Uploaded: 10 January 2020 686.7 KB Minutes 15 January File Uploaded: 9 February 2020 273.2 KB Agenda 19 February File Uploaded: 15 February 2020 686 KB 19 February Minutes GPC File Uploaded: 12 June 2020 458.4 KB Agenda 20 May File Uploaded: 30 May 2020 175.5 KB 17 May Minutes GPC File Uploaded: 12 June 2020 272 KB Agenda 22 May File Uploaded: 18 June 2020 251.6 KB